Lightning Strike Counter SLSC-20




The SLSC-20 should be installed on the down conductor above the control junction about 1,5m above the ground. The universal fixing clams are designed for easy installation on any kind of down conductor.

1. Show the number of lightning strikes

Press the red button to see the number of lightning strikes.


2.Battery & Charging Charging

Please charge the SLSC-20 for more than 1 hour before installation. Low Battery Indicator If the displays shows LO, please connect the SLSC-20 to the charger for at least one hour.

3. Performing a Test

Step 1: Keep the red button pressed for longer than 5 seconds to initiate the Testing Mode of the SLSC-20. (The display shows TS 0)

Step 2: In the testing mode you can check the functionality by touching the SLSC-20 with a magnet. WARNING: If you touch the SLSC-20 with a magnet, when it is not in the Testing Mode, a lightning strike is simulated. The number of lightning strikes increases by one.

Additional Information

18,5 x 6,5 x 4,2 cm


IP 65