Amper Elektrik Lightning Risk Assessment
( Calculation of Protection Level - NFC 17-102 )
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Dimensions of the structure
Maximum Length L m
Maximum Width W m
Maximum Height H m
The distance between the lightning rod and the farthest point to be protected from lightning.   m
C1 - Environment Coefficient
Surrounded by structures or trees of the same height or higher
Surrounded by smaller structures
No other structures within a distance equal to the height
Isolated on top of a hill
C2 - Structural Coefficient
Structure / Roof Metallic Common Flammable
C3 - Structural Coefficient
Non flammable
Valuable or partially flammable
High value, highly flammable, explosive
C4 - Structure Occupancy
Difficult evacuation
C5 - Lightning Consequences
Service continuity not required
Service continuity required without consequences
Consequences on the environment
Annual Average Thunder Days
Annual Average Thunder Days ( World Map )