Protection level


According to NF C 17-102 Ed. 2.0, the standard protection radius (Rp) of the SCHIRTEC E.S.E. is linked to ∆T, the protection levels I (98%), II (95%), III (90%) or IV (80%) and the height of the SCHIRTEC E.S.E. above the structure to be protected (H, as a minimum 2 m)

The protection level of the object depends on several factors such as:

  • if the object is inhabited or not
  • if the object is explosive or not,
  • material of the roof and the roof construction (wood, metal,…)

The more valuable and vulnerable the object is the higher the level of protection needed. e.g. an inhabited house, with a metal roof could be attributed to protection class 1. A telephone pole of low value could attributed to the protection class 4. The safety class can be calculated with our lightning risk program. 


Installation height, the higher the lightning conductor is installed the greater the protective radius Rp (m)


Radius protection, we recommend  to install the lightning conductor in a height of 5 to 6 meters because you can then achieve a high level of protection.


Example 1 for S-A:
Single-family-home; Protection Level 1

The lightning conductor  S-A has been installed at a height of 4m.
The protection radius has to be specified according to NF C 17-102 standard with 63m, the effective protection is bigger, according to our test reports.


Example  2 for S-A:

Factory hall; 150 m x 50m, Protection Level 1


There were two lightning conductors S-A installed at a height of 6m.
The radii overlap and provide for the entire production facility sufficient protection.
The protection radius must be specified according to NF C 17-102 with 79m, the effective protection is bigger, according to our test reports


Protection Radius Table




h: Installation height
I/II/III/IV: Protectionlevel
Rp(m): Protectionradius in m
installation height


Protection Level Calculator